“Short moments, many times.” — Old Tibetan Wisdom

With a few modifications to the character of a space, we can create a place of centering that beckons us to take refuge in the quiet recesses of our mind. When we enter a peaceful space, we are reminded to center ourselves and become increasingly mindful of our thoughts, our actions and our being.

Diane Pruitt

How to Get Started

We can reform and refresh our living spaces to nurture harmony and balance within us. With a few modifications to the character of a space, we can create a place of centering that allows us to refresh, reset and renew.

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“a peaceful space” is the harmonious balance between environment, mindfulness and serenity

Why “a peaceful space”?

To calm you. To quiet you. To remind you to stop and breathe. To reinforce your mindfulness practice. To reduce your stress and anxiety. To increase your awareness. To heighten your creativity and productivity. To nurture your spirit and soothe your soul. I call it a “nurturary™”

Our designs serve as visual triggers to:

  • Quiet the mind
  • Center thoughts and lift spirits
  • Meditate, contemplate and focus
  • Open our hearts and minds
  • Experience the nourishing power of peaceful living

Who are we?

We are a design consultancy helping people create interior spaces in the home or office conducive to mindfulness, meditation and contemplative practice. This space, which I call a nurturary™ closes the gap between needing to practice and “making the time”  to practice. It is the visual signal to pause and take a deep breath, to quiet the mind, to be fully attentive and aware.

We offer our services through memberships, workshops, educational forums and individual sessions.

Why is it Necessary?

“a peaceful space” is one approach to centering ourselves from the “outside in”, using the interior space as a trigger to mindful practice. It beckons our serenity and authenticity for a few moments a day, every day. It is one approach to integrating our practice in our busy lives. Because of the distractions, noises and stress in our lives, we need personal spaces in our lives to remind us to breath, to quiet our minds, to be attentive and aware.


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Excerpt from My Yummy Home

“Good design like good food is an exploration in tastes, preferences and comfort. A delightfully designed home can be a refuge for relaxation, renewal, reflection and contemplation. Its comfort and its visual appeal are all important in nurturing your spirit.” – Diane Pruitt

a peaceful space is in us, it surrounds us and it nurtures us

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